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We discovered our love for sheep after being given two Suffolk ewes to eat the grass in the vineyard in the Yarra Valley. The Suffolk sheep with their shiny black faces and legs have always appealed to us and they look great in the paddock. Then a few more nice Suffolk ewes and we started to realise what a trusting, friendly breed Suffolks were. We now have 22 breeding ewes.

Amazingly all our sheep survived the  bushfires including two of our neighbor’s pet sheep. We transported all up to Fox Hill when we moved here, hence there are a few cross bred pets here as well that we are very sentimental about.

After studying bloodlines a ram from the famous “Allendale Stud” in South Australia was chosen to improve flock quality with much success. We have become the only registered Suffolk stud in the Southern Highlands.

Several of the purebred rams have been sold locally as breeding rams. We prefer to sell the boys as breeding stock rather than send them to market; however when the wethers have been sold through the local market, they have achieved very good prices. All ewe lambs have been retained.

Recently a studbook ram called “Percy” from the “Depeller Stud” bloodline in Victoria was acquired to cross with the Allendale ram’s daughters. Thirty beautiful lambs arrived in September.

Fox Hill Stud, having started from very modest beginnings is now a reality.

Why we chose Suffolks

1. Suitable for higher rainfall areas, not as susceptible to foot rot and cold., traits include sound structure, hardiness and longevity.

2. Ewes are very good mothers compared to other breeds with good lamb survival rates resulting in high weaning percentages.

3. Placid and friendly natured, easy to manage.

4. High meat yield and good prices for wethers

5. Have multiple births and ease of lambing due to body shape

6. Suffolk rams add quality and excellent growth rate to any flock.

Suffolk Ewes On Foxhill

Suffolk Ewe
Teddy, Freddie and Blackie

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Suffolk Ewe

Suffolk Ewe